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Our shop has a full selection of the BEST Premium Quality fireworks we can find across all price ranges. You can see everything on video before you buy.


We are proud 80-90% of business for over 10 year is repeat customers who regularly thank us for our helpful advice.


We are committed to all our customers safely enjoying the firework display they want. 



Internet selling of fireworks is difficult not least because of the high costs in delivering fireworks. Most of our fireworks are sold from our shop in Mill Hill and for general firework sales or bespoke display packages and any help we can offer you are very welcome to visit us. 

We now offer special display packs we have put together for parties and events as Guy Fawkes, Diwali, New Year and Christmas parties, Birthday celebrations, dinner parties and weddings. We have a selection of various priced displays for different garden sizes and you can see the entire display on video.

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